Arlington Handmade Holiday

It is no secret that I love craft fairs.

Besides selling stuff to pay for my yarn habit, being around people who love to make things and people who love things that other people made is just plain magical. Local! Organic! Recyled! Vintage! Handmade! Basically everything I love and live for, all under one roof.

But there was something really special about the Arlington Handmade Holiday.

Maybe it was the adorable children singing Christmas carols. Maybe it was one of those adorable children who came to my table several times to tell me that they were accepting donations for gift wrapping, should I need it.

Maybe it was the obviously fantastic organization and publicity. I say obvious, because the place was swarming pretty much all day long. At some points, I could swear I was at the outlet mall on a sale weekend… except no one was trampling me.

Maybe it was because we got lucky and had the absolute BEST spot possible at the event – open the doors, step inside and BAM! Front and center, lots and lots of super brightly-colored crochet goodness. Maybe because this is the first craft fair Bright Soul has done in the winter time – you know, the time when people actually wear hats and scarves… let’s just say the wooden cigar box we use to hold our cash was quite full.

Maybe its because its Christmastime, so people didn’t just light up because they saw something on our table they liked, but because they knew someone they loved would like it too. There were beautiful, loving families shuffling around us all day.

Or, maybe Arlington is just a small town where community is more than just a word and people genuinely believe in the little guys, like us.

…Wherever the magic came from, I’m so glad we got to be a part of it!

(And if you haven’t already, definitely hop on facebook, and like the Arlington Farmer’s Market page!)


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